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    How to Select Your Best Rabbit Breed

    How to Select Your Best Rabbit Breed We often see reader questions that focus on which breed of rabbit is best. The simple answer is that no rabbit breed is best. There is not going to be one universal breed that will suit every family or person just like with dog breeds you have to research and decide which is best for you. In this particular article

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    Questions You Should Ask Your Breeder before Buying a Rabbit

    Questions You Should Ask Your Breeder before Buying a Rabbit In my mind it goes without saying that you should always have some questions for the breeder before you purchase a rabbit. In case you are a first time owner or just don’t know where to start we’ve put together a list of some common questions you should ask a breeder or previous owner before you take home a rabbit! If you are looking for info on what type of rabbit breed will suit you the best check out our post about it here! Will My Rabbit be Socialized? Sometimes rabbit breeders do not handle their rabbits before they sell…

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    Pet Photography: How to Get Awesome Shots

    Pet Photography Tips: How to Take Amazing Shots Taking great photos can be a challenge no matter what the subject, but with pets it can be even more frustrating! Dogs and cats are a little simpler to photograph as they can often be bribed with treats and such; small pets can be troublesome to photograph because they are easily spooked, distracted, and bored. The next time

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    Preparing Pets for Extreme Weather & Emergencies

    Preparing Pets for Extreme Weather & Emergencies As many of you are aware, the East coast was preparing for a large tropical storm impact this weekend. We live in the central part of Pennsylvania and rarely encounter any weather emergencies that are out of the ordinary. We see occasional flooding, high winds, the random tornado warning, but nothing too exceptional. We are accustomed to snow and rain, colder temperatures as well. The inspiration for this post came from my experience preparing for the impact of tropical storm Joaquin (which PA did not receive in the long run). I believe as pet owners we have a responsibility to always make sure…