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Questions You Should Ask Your Breeder before Buying a Rabbit

Questions You Should Ask Your Breeder before Buying a Rabbit
In my mind it goes without saying that you should always have some questions for the breeder before you purchase a rabbit. In case you are a first time owner or just don’t know where to start we’ve put together a list of some common questions you should ask a breeder or previous owner before you take home a rabbit! If you are looking for info on what type of rabbit breed will suit you the best check out our post about it here!

Will My Rabbit be Socialized?
Sometimes rabbit breeders do not handle their rabbits before they sell them. They’re left in the cage with their mother until they are old enough to leave and then they are separated out. In this case your rabbit will need a LOT of attention and patient handling before they are used to people. Early socialization is very important for baby rabbits. They need to get used to the sounds and sights of people and homes early on so that they can be a calm and relaxed member of the family.

Do Your Rabbits Come With Pedigree Paperwork?
Not all rabbits come with pedigree paperwork and for me this is not a big sticking point. I’m not super concerned with pedigree paperwork for a couple of reason: I don’t show my rabbits for the most part, I don’t breed rabbits for show, and I personally do not need rabbits that are purebred. If you DO need those things you will want to see this paperwork BEFORE you buy a rabbit. Do not wait until after because you may get a nasty surprise.

Will My Rabbit Come: Vet Checked, De Wormed, Neutered/Spayed, or Microchipped
Various rabbit breeder will send rabbits home with a combo, all or, or maybe none of these things. If you are interested in any of the above you should ask your breeder if it is a service that they provide. If not, you may want to look elsewhere, or you can consider looking into a rabbit savvy vet to provide these services. Take into consideration costs when looking at rabbits who come with these services versus ones that don’t!

Does this Breed Require Special / Different Care?
Some breeds of rabbit do require special care. If your breeder does not know you should probably consider finding a new breeder. No breeder should be mating and selling rabbits that they do not know about. If your breeder gives you a list of requirements for a rabbits care make sure you study it carefully so you know if you can provide the time, money, and resources necessary to properly care for your rabbit!

Have you had any Issues or Problems with This Breed in the Past?
I always like to know if a breeder has had experience, good or bad, with a particular breed of rabbits in the past. This will tell you a couple of things: how much experience they have with a particular breed, if they’re honest, kind, people, and it can also help you decide if a breed is right for you. Some people do not mind having a little extra work / financial commitment for their rabbits, others prefer a simple, less risky breed. Whatever the case may be you will want to be well informed beforehand!

Common Questions:
These are questions you should always ask. No matter what, your breeder should know these pretty simply and right away. If not, I would be a little worried about their knowledgeability on the subject of rabbits in general!

  • How Old Is The Rabbit?
  • What Breed is the Rabbit?
  • Are the Parents on Site?
  • Is the Rabbit Healthy? Any Problems from Birth until Now?
  • How Much Will the Rabbit Cost?
  • How Many Rabbits Were in the Litter?
  • Is the Rabbit Male or Female?
  • How Large will the Rabbit be (approx. all rabbits can vary in size slightly)?

These questions and answers will not be a foolproof method to finding out if your rabbit will have any future problems but they can help you avoid purchasing a rabbit that has problems now which could be costly and heartbreaking down the road! We’re always here to answer questions as well! If you have concerns or questions about rabbits, hop on over to the contact us section and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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