About Us

Hi! My name is Meagen. I’m a wife, pet fanatic, writer, blogger, photographer wannabe, foodie who has a soft spot for all kinds of animals. Here is a little bit more about everyone you might encounter here!

Lion Head Rabbit. Charlie


Charlie is a lion-head rabbit who is about 4 years old. He has a big personality and often reminds me of a stubborn toddler. He is curious, funny, and occasionally forgets that he is not as big on the outside as he feels on the inside. He’s where Charlie and the Pips got its name and despite being bullheaded he’s one of our most loveable fuzzballs!


Burton Guster

This is Burton Guster and he’s our newest addition. After we lost our sweet GSD Ruger to lymphoma I couldn’t deal with the silence! We needed a puppy…okay…maybe we didn’t need one but still. He’s turned our sorrow into smiles so we’re happy for that! He’s a rescue and in just a few short weeks he’s shown us how smart and eager he is to please. With some help from our favorite vets at Sunbury Animal Hospital we’ve got him on track and before we know it he’ll be winning everyone he meets over with a kiss and a snuggle.

Oscar the Dog.


Oscar is a 10 year old Pit, Chow, Shepard, mix that we adopted from the Humane Society. We were about to leave when we spotted him and my husband had to have him. He fell in love on the spot and due to a previous adoption falling through we were able to take him home with us that same day! We had just bought our first house, moved in together, and then we adopted Oscar. He’s been with us through 8 years of craziness and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is Dustin’s baby, and hates to be away from him. If Dustin ignores him he will sneak up onto the couch and crawl onto his lap…even though he’s a small bear and weighs a TON!

Ruger Sitting for Sticks


What can I say about my handsome baby! When I started this page Ruger was 3 years old and bundle of chaos. We lost him in August 2018 to lymphoma. It’s a fast moving cancer that popped up out of nowhere and totally caught us all off guard. It’s been a rough transition to life without him. Working from home and having him by my side constantly for almost 8 years was a blessing and he will be missed.



Hi! I’m Meagen, the opposable thumbs around here. And as you can tell by my photo above (where I was headed to see the new giraffes at our local animal sanctuary) I’m a pet and animal fanatic! I’m always a sucker for a furrbaby and that’s probably why we have so many critters running around here. I do my best to keep everyone updated and included here at Charlie and the Pips. I also blog at Millennial Beauty Sisters!