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I wanted to do a little bit more of a “personal” post today. Our site features photos in all of our posts of our pets but I wanted to make sure that you are able to get a sense of who we are as a group as well!

You may not know (unless you follow us on Instagram) that we have grown rather rapidly over the last few months. After we adopted Charlie and a few of our original guinea pigs I realized that I had a true passion for rescuing small animals. I am blessed to have a great work from home job that allows me to set my own hours and a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind when I take in new animals in need…even when we don’t necessarily have a room ready for them! Once I realized how fulfilling it could be to rescue these animals I just kept going! Currently we have 22 rabbits (counting our litter of 5 babies who are just three weeks old) and 5 Guinea Pigs (not counting the unborn litters of 2 rescue females). As you can image we are a little hectic on a daily basis…the chaos is just part of our daily lives now!

In addition to our small furry friends we have a few large furry friends as well. Oscar and Ruger are our dogs who protect and love us all, unconditionally. We are one GIANT happy family. Our daily routine runs pretty smoothly most days but not always. It takes a lot of work to keep everything up and running and I wanted to tell you a little bit more about what we strive to do here with our rescue pets!

All of our pets are bought home with the intention of staying. I would NEVER adopt a pet that I didn’t intend to love and care for, to the best of my abilities, for the rest of it’s life. That being said we do work any pets we think might be suitable for adoption to find them a forever home. While it is very difficult to see anyone leave our happy home here in Central PA, finding knowledgeable, responsible, indoor, pet homes for our rescues does allow us to continue our efforts! I love the feeling of finding someone who is passionate about pets, knowledgeable about the breed they are adopting, and dedicated to making sure that these animals NEVER end up in the same situation we found them in originally.

To date we have only placed a few animals in forever homes. I become so attached to most of them that I don’t even consider placing them elsewhere. There are also lots of other factors that play into our decision and ability to find homes for our rescues. One of the biggest concerns we have is for the animals health. Lots of these rabbits and guinea pigs are neglected and ignored prior to their arrival here with us. They need medical attention, socialization, adjustments to a proper diet, so on and so so forth. We have to address all of these issues before we can even consider placing them in a forever home (other than ours!).

One of the most heartbreaking things we find is that a female animal is pregnant. While of course we are excited for a happy and healthy litter of babies for any mama, we have to immediately consider that this mother has not been properly cared for during her pregnancy. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs require additional support nutritionally and emotionally during pregnancy and I am always concerned that they did not receive those things. That can mean an unhealthy pregnancy and unhealthy babies. We have a situation currently where two female guinea pigs we rescued at a livestock auction are pregnant. They are really starting to show and luckily because they have been with us for about a month, they have had all the nutrition and emotional support that they need for the last half of their pregnancy. We are hoping for two litters of happy and healthy babies (more news to come).

Along with our love for rescuing animals is just a straight up love for animals in general. I love the time I get to spend with my pets and I love the fact that I get to see my investment in them returned time and time again in love and affection 🙂


Hi! I'm Meagen. I'm a pet fanatic, dog mom, rabbit mom, duck mom, okay you get it. I'm doing a little bit of everything over here! My world is always better when there's something furry leaving hair on all my black pants!

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