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    How to Choose the Best Rabbit Cage

    How to Choose the Best Rabbit Cage Bringing home a new bunny can be exciting and fun. Once you are home is when the questions start! What to feed them, which kind of cage is best, types of bedding, water bowls or bottles? The list of questions can be endless and overwhelming. We all want what is best for our rabbits and in

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    Cold Weather Preparedness for Small Animals

    Cold Weather Preparedness for Small Animals Small animals, in our case rabbits and guinea pigs, are not like other large animals in their tolerance of cold weather. We have some predicted snow and chilling temperatures coming over the next few days and of course we had to take a few minutes to discuss what we needed to do to prepare the animals! My husband and I take care of all of our animals like they are our children and when prepping for

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    How to Select Your Best Rabbit Breed

    How to Select Your Best Rabbit Breed We often see reader questions that focus on which breed of rabbit is best. The simple answer is that no rabbit breed is best. There is not going to be one universal breed that will suit every family or person just like with dog breeds you have to research and decide which is best for you. In this particular article

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    Pet Photography: How to Get Awesome Shots

    Pet Photography Tips: How to Take Amazing Shots Taking great photos can be a challenge no matter what the subject, but with pets it can be even more frustrating! Dogs and cats are a little simpler to photograph as they can often be bribed with treats and such; small pets can be troublesome to photograph because they are easily spooked, distracted, and bored. The next time